Nice to meet,
I'm Loni Tevel Barnes

I’m a certified natural pharmacist. Fundamentally involved in aesthetics and cosmetics.
It is after the birth of my son Michael that I made a clear decision to dedicate my career to making natural cosmetics. As most mothers, especially mothers of first born, I used baby oil to massage and bond with my son. It is then that I realized what ingredients compose most baby oils and I knew I had to create a natural nourishing alternative to what mothers all over the world enjoy most, bonding and connecting with their babies through natural oils.

As a result, I began studying and researching women in history. Apparently, throughout history women would massage their babies with olive and almond oils. It is this discovery that opened an entire magical world of natural oils and ingredients that breathed life into a whole line of products, thus Loni’s was born.

My products are made from the best extracted quality plants, rich in vitamins and minerals, chosen with care and produced by hand. With my previous experience as a confectioner and jewelry designer I form textures that are consistent and sleek to the skin, just the way us women like.

So what's my goal?

It’s time we enjoy the balance between body and soul. This I establish by blending essential oils, plant extracts and natural cosmetic butters. My goal is that all will have this balance in life and as a result enjoy balanced skin, calm soul, focused treatments and relaxation.

My Products Are Suited for:

  • Anyone who wants to unleash the effectiveness of natural ingredients
  • Mothers who want their children and babies to use natural, chemical free products
  • Anyone who wants to indulge with esthetics, fragrance and personal care,
  • Anyone who wants to nourish their body with natural products that are free of petroleum, chemicals and metals.

All my customers enjoy:

  1. Customized products – Each of my products can be customized according to skin type, complexion and preferred fragrance
  2. Optimized Absorption – The combination of mini-plant molecules and my active ingredients provide optimized absorption to the skin
  3. Natural Ingredients – Preservative-free and sustainable products
  4. Freshly Prepared – All my products are freshly prepared with order placement.
    Only the freshest most effective products and ingredients

Do you have more questions?

You are welcome to contact me