Nice to meet,
I'm Loni Tevel Barnes

It all started with a baby oil. 
A few days after my Son, Michael, was born, I bought a standard baby oil, looking forward to bonding with him through massaging, as I had been dreaming of ever since I wanted to become a mother. Alas, looking at this product’s ingredients list, I then realized how many chemicals and unfamiliar synthetics components with intimidating names it contained, and decided to kick-off  my own little investigation about natural oils while keeping my massage-bonding ritual dream on-hold for the time being…

From that moment on, the road to become a certifiednatural pharmacists, establishing my own natural skin care brand was short, as I decided to took matters into my own hands!

At Loni’s I’m mindfully formulating skin-loving products based on cold-pressed natural oils, plant-derived vitamins and minerals, as well as safe actives, aiming to restore skin’s health and, ultimately, to make women and men to feel confidence in their own skin. 

As a former confectioner and Jewelry designer my passion for aesthetics is finding its way to my products, starting from packaging design and ending in a unique urban-natural look and feel. This life style direction is driven from my own belief that you don’t necessarily have to be hippie granola’s, 100% naturalist, or a wild countryside inhabitants to enjoy my products. Actually, you can enjoy natures goodness however and wherever you choose to. 

I call it nature on-demand.

So what's my goal?

It’s time we enjoy the balance between body and soul. This I establish by blending essential oils, plant extracts and natural cosmetic butters. My goal is that all will have this balance in life and as a result enjoy balanced skin, calm soul, focused treatments and relaxation.

My Products Are Suited for:

  • Anyone who wants to unleash the effectiveness of natural ingredients
  • Mothers who want their children and babies to use natural, chemical free products
  • Anyone who wants to indulge with esthetics, fragrance and personal care,
  • Anyone who wants to nourish their body with natural products that are free of petroleum, chemicals and metals.

All my customers enjoy:

  1. Customized products – Each of my products can be customized according to skin type, complexion and preferred fragrance
  2. Optimized Absorption – The combination of mini-plant molecules and my active ingredients provide optimized absorption to the skin
  3. Natural Ingredients – Preservative-free and sustainable products
  4. Freshly Prepared – All my products are freshly prepared with order placement.
    Only the freshest most effective products and ingredients

Do you have more questions?

You are welcome to contact me