Made In Israel

Avocado and Jojoba Nourishing Nighttime Face Cream


Good Night.
You and your skin are getting ready for your beauty sleep.
Time for intimacy and inner peace.
What do you need to sleep peacefully?
You- A caressing night gown and a smile
Him – A high-quality facial anti-aging cream.
When your dreaming sweet dreams,
Your skin gets a hug and an opportunity
To renew its’ cells.

Important to Know About Me:
Rich, creamy nutrient-rich natural formula that works to moisture, renew and strengthen your skin while you sleep. This formula is packed with a blend of cold-pressed oils like Avocado and Hippophae known to restore skin’s moisture levels, and nourishing Carrot oil that works to get-you-up to a smoother and softer skin during the morning after. Lightly scented by Lavender and Lemongrass aroma therapeutic essential oils for a feel-good night sleep.

Suitable for: normal, dry and mature skin.

How to use: Apply nightly a generous amount to clean, dry face, neck, and décolleté. Massage in circular motions until fully absorbs. Avoid contact with eyes. For optimal results layer on top of your favorite facial serum.  

בואי נשוחח
היי, יש לך שאלה? תרגישי חופשי לשלוח הודע
היי, יש לך שאלה? תרגישי חופשי לשלוח הודע
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