Made In Israel

A-C-E Nighttime Skin Boosting Vitamins Facial Oil-Serum


Your skin chooses for its main course
The Dinner Serum Oil & Vitamin formula
Hand-made as a rehabilitating meal.

Because you want a natural treatment extract
That rids of al excess dead skin cells,
Rejuvenates the skin, nourishes it with vitamins
And enables absorption of active nourishment elements
Deep into the skin


Important to Know About Me:
This ultra-nourishing and highly concentrated natural oil-serum will feed your skin overnight, so you’ll wake up feeling rejuvenated and glowing. Contains a potent blend of cold-pressed oils like Jojoba, Avocado and Hippophae known to restore moisture even to a very dry skin. Naturally-sourced Lycopene serves as a powerful skin-protective antioxidant, while vitamin A helps to smooth lines and wrinkles over time. Formulated with vitamin C to brighten and even skin tone, this silky cream is lightly scented by Lavender and Geranium aroma therapeutic essential oil for a feel-good night sleep. Easily absorbs, with no oily or sticky residue.

Suitable for: dry to very dry and mature skin. Dull and uneven skin.  

My Natural Ingredients:
Night Candle Oil/ Carrot Oil (Beta-carotene)/ Jojoba/ Rose Hip/ Hipophae / Avocado/  Lycopene/ Vitamins: A,E,C /Squalene/ Niroli Ethereal extracts/ Geranium and Lavender
Weight: 30ml

How to Use: apply nightly 2-3 drops on clean and dry face, neck and décolleté. Massage in circular motions until fully absorbs. Avoid contact with eyes. Can be used as standalone, or you can follow with your favorite night moisturizer for optimal results.


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