Eye Cream Rich With Natural Ingredients


Our eyes.
Know what is happening beyond what they see.
Feel people. Speak without words.

Obviously you’ll treat them gently and with care
With Loni’s Eye Cream with natural Ingredients that awakens
Tired eyes, blemishes wrinkles and enhances the skins texture under the eyes.
Your beauty begins with your eyes
Now is your opportunity for a preventive and a thorough treatment
For a fresh and well taken-care of look – just the way you want it.


Skin Types:
All Skin Types
Important to Know About Me:
I firm the tonus muscle, an antioxidant
I reduce puffiness by enhancing blood flow in this area

My Natural Ingredients:
Pure Caffeine Powder/ Funnel Root/ Night Candle Oil/ Rose Hip/ Cucumber Seeds/ Green Coffee/ Lavender-Papaya, Cucumber Extract/ Vitamins: E, C / Squalene/ Ethereal Oils-Niroli and Rose
Weight: 25ml
Applying Directions:
Suggested up to 3 times a week.
On washed skin apply around eyes in circular motion a thin layer of Loni’s Eye Cream Rich with Natural Ingredients

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