Made In Israel

Moisturizing Chia Seed Face Cream


You wake up in the morning.
And your skin wakes up with you.

What do you need to start the day?
You- A cup of coffee in your favorite mug
Him- a facial cream tailor-made just for him.

Your face get’s a chance to be deeply nourished
With natural ingredients and just a gently spread
creates a firm and radiant looking skin.

All with Loni’s Natural Facial Cream for normal to oily skin.

Now you’re both ready to start the day.
With lots of great surprises.


Important to Know About Me:
This velvety-soft hydrating face cream is powered by Chia seed oil, a powerful source of Omega-3 healthy fatty acid, known to prevent skin dryness and to slow down skin aging process. Vegan Squalene together with a blend of cold-pressed Macadamia Nut and Rose Hip oils provide a softening nourishment, while Chamomile extract helps to soothe and calm stressed skin. Vitamin C works to brighten and smooth lines and wrinkles overtime, and Hyaluronic Acid plumps-up skin appearance. Lightly scented by Rose and Frankincense aroma therapeutic essential oil for a feel-good day ahead.

Suitable for: normal to dry skin. 

My Natural Ingredients:
Macadamia Nut Oil/ Rose Hip/ Chia Seeds/ Lavender extracts/ Chamomile/ Squalene/ Vitamins B E, C/ Hyaluronic acid/Rose/ Ethereal Frankincense extracts 
Weight: 50ml

How to Use: apply daily a generous amount to clean, dry face, neck, and décolleté. Massage in circular motions until fully absorbs. Avoid contact with eyes. For optimal results layer on top of your favorite facial serum.  


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היי, יש לך שאלה? תרגישי חופשי לשלוח הודע
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