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Natural Body Soap | Lavender


The first historical soap that was produced in Babylon,
Since the establishment of the synthetic production plants
and when the real soap disappeared from the shelves.

My natural and vegan body soap
Produced according to a traditional recipe passed down from generation to generation
For hundreds of years – it restores the real soap of ancient times.

Olive oil, used as a base,
Thoroughly cleanses the dirt that has accumulated on the skin cells.
Loni’s soap is also effective in treating skin problems.

When using natural body soap from Loni’s
You are allowing absorption and maximum nutrition
Of your body lotion.
You can enjoy clean and renewable skin
Scented with essential extracts of lemongrass and bergamot or lavender
Of your choice.

Meticulously cleans and cleanses all dirt accumulated
Over our skin cells, thus making it very effective in treating the skin.
When using Loni’s natural body soap, you provide your skin with
utmost nourishment and enjoy a renewed skin with ethereal serum sense
of lemon and Bergamot or Lavender per choice.

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האם תרצי לקבל עדכון כשהמוצר יחזור למלאי?

Skin Types:
All Skin Types
Important to Know About Me:
No Paraben

My Natural Ingredients:
Olive Oil, Cocoanut Oil, Water and Ethereal extracts
Weight: 500ml
Applying Directions:
Moisture the body with water, apply a little natural body soap from Loni’s, soap and rinse.

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