Natural Lip Balm | Reddish


They speak and taste, whisper and smile.
You expect so many things from your lips and what are you giving in return?

Nourishment with Loni’s Natural Lip Balm that helps reduce
Cracks and dryness
Protect them from the environment and whether conditions
Provide them with a glowing pampering touch

A Transparent Gentle Look?
Reddish Tone?
I choose which FEEL suits me today most.

Skin Types:
All Skin Types
Important to Know About Me:
I nourish, quench and revitalized all at once

My Natural Ingredients:
Organic Chia Butter/ Coconut Oil/ Grape Seed Oil/ Almond Oil/ Vitamin E/ Color and taste extracts
Weight: 10ml
Applying Directions:
Gently apply on lips per need.

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