Terms and Conditions

I like it when all my customers are happy. So if you have changed your mind, before your order has been prepared you can be fully refunded.


All my products are personally produced and tailored per client, shipments will be made 2 business days from order placement.

Shipment Options

  1. Registered mail via regular postal service (according to Israel Postal Service) 18 ILS
  2. Express mail door to door (3-4 business days) 30 ILS, see location list below
  3. Self-collect from Tel-Aviv – no cost (coordinate in advance)

Free shipment for any purchase above 300 ILS

Minor delays may occur during holiday season, feel free to contact for updates

Payment on Website

Payment on website is made via a secured credit card payment system.

All prices include tax and handling fees.

Return Policy

To return any product, kindly attach original receipt with the product, up to 3 days from delivery to the following address: Nahalat Binyamin 74 Appt. 4, Tel-Aviv. Israel

The product is to be sent n its original package. An alternative product will be shipped only after returned product is received. No refunds. No shipment fees refunds.

Should you choose to return a product, we would greatly appreciate if you could provide the reason for return, in case of exchange an alternative product will be sent to you for your satisfaction.

Return of used products or products that have been opened, will not be made possible. For any further questions, feel free to contact our customer service and we’ll do our best to help.

Before placing an online order, users will be asked to provide full name and email address, LONIS number, home address and telephone number. Users will be asked to provide credit card details of which the purchase will be made and credit card’s owner ID number. Credit cards details and ID number will not be saved on any database system.


ayments are made via credit cards. All payments are in ILS currency. All prices include VAT. The charged price will appear in the shopping cart only after order confirmation and will include details of all purchased products and shipping fees.

Credit card details will be transferred via payment secured server so that they are all coded. However, if a user chooses not to provide credit card details, purchase details can be provided when contacting via telephone and credit card details will be provided over the phone. Purchased confirmation is pending on credit card approval via payment company. In case of credit card disapproval, LONIS will notify the user. It is the user’s responsibility to contact bank and settle any issues directly with bank or credit card company. In case the user did not settle issue with the bank or credit card company, LONIS can cancel the order accordingly.

Personally Tailored Products

Personally tailored products that have been especially prepared per client cannot be refunded or exchanged in any case and by law.

Customer Service

Our customer service is available via email or telephone on Sunday to Thursday from 09:00- 16:00 during which all questions regarding items, prices, availability, issues that need to be resolved prior and after shipment etc.|
Thanks for your purchase!

Privacy, Newsletter and Database Policy

  1. Personal items that will be sent by (user/client) during sign up and purchasing will comply to company’s privacy terms and conditions.
  2. LONIS (The Company): the company will not provide any users and/or client’s details in any of the following cases: (a) the company will be requested by law or court order (b)company will be given a warning letter prior to legal actions against it for actions taken by user in any disagreement, claim, lawsuit, demand or legal actions, should there be between user and company; (c) if and when the company will merge or provide services via external source or will merge its activities with another organization or body, the company will have the right to provide the other organization or body the user’s details, provided the other organization or body will enforce the company’s privacy policy. (d) If the company will suspect any wrong doing by the user that may offend or hurt the company or whoever is representing the company or third parties. (e)  If a claim or a suspicion on behalf of the company that the user has made use of the company to commit or assist in committing an illegal act (f) If a claim will rise or any suspicion that the user have breached the company’s terms and conditions or any agreement with the company (g) if and in case needed   by the company to provide its employees or service providers, partners or anyone involved with the company’s marketing operations. Users will not have the right to claim or demand from company regarding their details and they wave that right altogether.
  3. Sign up and purchase will serve as an agreement by the user/client that all sign in details or data that will be created based on those details or any details pertaining the client that may come across the company can be saved to company’s databases or databases that are on behalf of the company and can be made use of for the following purposes: (a) marketing purposes, public relations, sales promotions or subscription promotions, contacting the client via newsletters and any communications mediums (including writing, printing, phone, text, fax, digital or other means of communications) (b) loyalty engagement, market analysis and statistics, surveys or any online tool for marketing purposes (c) internal use such as complaint analysis or criticism (d) newsletters and promotional materials, usage of clients details will not be perceived as a privacy breach issue including usage of “coockies”.Furthermore such information will be regarded is the company’s proprietary  and therefore the client will give up any claim as to the usage of the above mentions details and information including giving up all right to privacy laws. The company will not be perceived as breaching any privacy client or user issues as defined by the law of computers – 1995 as defined by the law as where the user can be identified or followed up by others as a result of using IT and electronic media.
  4. The user approves their knowledge about not bounded to provide their details by law and that all provided details is by free will. The user agrees to this and to all specific usage of their provided details and will not be any breach of privacy laws and will not be eligible for any compensation or support.
  5. Users: (a) that oppose to the usage of their details or (b) interested in removing themselves from the company’s database or (c) request not to receive any newsletters or emails will provide a request in writing via the company’s website or via subscription cancellation option available by the company.