What Are My Ingredients?

Essential Oils – I make it a point to keep the oil as close as possible to its natural form- rich in minerals and vitamins.
Flower Extracts– Each extract is obtained from where it’s grown. The extracts are plant or fruit based, also known as Hydrosols. They are actually the liquid essential element
I use in all my formulas.
Ethereal Oils – These are the most aristocratic and active element of my formulas. They are produced from different parts of the flower. Each Ethereal Oil has a unique composition that when combined with others serve as a skin and body healing process.

How can I consult with you?

You are always welcome to contact me via the contact form on my website or Send an email to: lonistlv@gmail.com

How do I get my order?

There are several options to get your order: home delivery via courier, registered mail or self-collect from Tel-Aviv area with coordination in advance. We also have shipments to EU, USA and Japan for packages up to 0.5 Kg via UPS.

How much will delivery cost?

Free delivery is offered for every 
purchase of 400ILS and above Mail registered delivery to all parts of Israel – 18 ILS
Home delivery via courier 30 ILS

What are the available payment options?

Credit cards, PayPal or bank transfer, all secured and available.
Cash is possible only when collecting in person For payment not via internet, contact at: 050-5254956

Do you have more questions?

You are welcome to contact me