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Organic Body Cleansing Kit | Lemongrass


Our body cleansing kit uses only the finest ingredients to naturally clean and detoxify your skin.
Our special ingredient blend works together to keep skin pores open, preserving the elasticity of your skin while giving it a healthy ventilation process. It also gently eliminates unnecessary smears and stains, while still maintaining the right level of acidity in your body. This gentle yet thorough purification will leave you feeling fresh and invigorated all day long.

The Organic Body Cleaning Kit by Loni’s is perfect for those who prefer to use more natural vegan cosmetics for their daily routine. Because we prioritize sustainability, every item in this collection is sourced from earth-conscious resources that are gentle on both people and planet. With its memorable scent and delicately balanced effects, trust us when we say that our cleansing kit is sure to be part of your beloved family of beauty products for years to come.

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