Made In Israel

Magic Stick Eye Serum


True, you can always apply make-up
However, sometimes it’s just tiring to try and
Cover the puffy and dark skin under my eyes.
That skin that adds a few years (unjustly) and create
A tired look that draws too much attention.
You love pampering your skin but really would prefer
Not to cover it with make-up those parts that draw attention.
Loni’s Magic Stick Eye Serum helps reduce the puffiness and darkness under
Our eyes creating a consistent looking skin that makes you simply enjoy looking at the mirror.


Skin Types:
All Skin Types
Important to Know About Me:
I’m a true magician
l also conceal Capillary
No chemicals or animal related ingredients.
I’m sustainable and have not been tested on animals.

My Natural Ingredients:
Cucumber seeds/ Pomeranian seeds/Lycopene/Almond Oil/ Macadamia Nut Oil/ Rose Hip/ Chia Seeds/ Squalene/ Vitamins E, C/ Ethereal extracts/ Niroli Oil/ Frankincense
Weight: 10ml
Applying Directions:
Gently apply Loni’s magic stick eye serum to relevant puffy or dark area

בואי נשוחח
היי, יש לך שאלה? תרגישי חופשי לשלוח הודע
היי, יש לך שאלה? תרגישי חופשי לשלוח הודע
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