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Saprolina Bar Soap


Move over traditional soap bars…Saprolina Bar Soap is here! Our cold-pressed, vegan and all-natural soap is the perfect daily solution for your skin. It’s extremely gentle, especially good for people with sensitive skin – and with unbeatable nourishing benefits that you won’t find with other brands!

This unique bar soap contains essential oils of Lemon Eucalyptus and Mint to give it an invigorating scent while nourishing your skin. The hemp oil acts as a natural moisturizer while the spirulina extract helps soothe redness and inflammation. Plus, Saprolina Soap is packed full of omega along with vitamins, zinc and iron. The lionalic acid within works to reinvigorate your immune system for maximum protection.

With all its natural goodness in one convenient package it’s the perfect addition to any daily cleansing routine

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Skin Types:
All Skin Types
Important to Know About Me:
No Paraben

My Natural Ingredients:
olive oil, hemp oil, spirulinaomega 3 and 6, protein and vitamin e, c, b, and also contains folic acid, zinc and iron

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היי, יש לך שאלה? תרגישי חופשי לשלוח הודע
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